5 tips for recruiting abroad

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Expanding internationally is a very important step for a company, and is an excellent way to grow your business by accessing new customers. A key part of this process is hiring the right talent to kick start your company in this new market. However recruiting in a country with a different culture than your company can be tricky. Here are simple-to-follow tips for successfully recruiting abroad:

Make sure to do your research on cultural etiquette for recruitment processes

While the etiquette might be similar to your country, the law can be different from one country to another in regards to what you can specify in a job spec or ask in a job interview. You should have this kind of information before hand to avoid losing a great candidate over a cultural mistake.

Identify the kind of key player your company needs in this market

What are your strengths and weaknesses in the expanding market? Do you need a business developer, a country manager, or a digital marketing expert to start off properly in the new market? Each market has there peculiarities and what worked in your HQ country might not work in the local market.

Make a list of the soft skills you consider as most important for your future employee

While hiring abroad, you are putting your trust in someone to take on a project for your company in a new country. You will also have to pass on the company culture, and adopt a different communication system than with your local employees. Make sure you know the kind of soft skills you will need from your employees abroad to ensure a good company culture and relationship between employees.

Take your time

It is natural to want to start your project as soon as possible, however take your time to hire the right person for your company. Your first hire in particular is going to be the employee building up your products in the new market. You need to make sure you are on the right path and have full trust in the candidate you will decide to hire.

Choose your partners well

When recruiting abroad for the first time, it is common to find a recruitment agency to work with in order to find the right candidates. Finding the right partner for you in the new country is key to a good hire. A good recruitment agency will not only help you with your recruitment but accompany you in the steps of expanding in a new market, help you understand the local culture and give you advice to ensure your success. Find a supplier willing to give you a 360 degrees service to accompany you in this new project and help your company successfully grow.