Home office: How do you maintain a strong company culture through screens?

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While we were part of the companies who had implemented very little home office days in our routine before 2020, it is now a big part of our company’s schedule and way of working. The hardest challenge we had to face through this crisis has been how to maintain company culture through our screens.

We thought we would share with you some of the things we have implemented since then to keep our employees engaged and satisfied with our company culture, let us know what you think

1. Daily 5 minutes break together: each day, we take 5 minutes on zoom as a team to do some stretching exercise and have a chat while doing so. Connection is voluntary, and each day a different team member leads the exercises routine.

2. Celebrate the accomplishments: Through a simple whatsapp group used for different communications, also use it to celebrate accomplishments. When an employee is celebrating is company’s birthday our digital team shares a small picture and everyone joins in congratulating them. This flexible way of communicating also allows us to share when entering a client appointment, or when someone closed a position or signed a new contract. Everyone gets the information at the same time, and it is a good way to make each member feel important in their tasks and successes.

3. Work on the company’s inclusion: be with new employees or long standing one, the need to keep the inclusion and team spirit is high. Using different projects we have around the company, we create different teams, including people that might have a different role usually in order to create a team spirit and make everyone feel engaged. This also makes it easier to encourage team spirit, and employees giving each other a hand on subjects which don’t necessarily fall under their responsibilities.

4. Newsletter: Each month our company puts together a newsletter for the employees. It is not only used to share company data but also cultural information, important dates happening in the month and employees’ birthdays (good way to avoid forgetting). It is especially useful to new members, that get to know the company better, and for everyone to eventually learn something new and share interesting facts at dinner!

5. Have a leader who went from being a guardian to being a coach, and a social connector: Having a time working mainly from home means the role of the leader is changing. We are lucky to have a manager who acts as a coach and a social connector in this new environment. While we have a weekly meeting all together to discuss operations and other, she is the social link between each team, updating us on what is happening for the company in the different areas, and making sure everyone is aware and included.

6. Last but not least: switch it up if possible. By making an office schedule and reducing the number of employees present simultaneously in the office, we are able each to go in the office twice a week if we wish, allowing us to meet colleagues, have more conventional reunions and above all socialize!

Here you go, you know what we do to keep our company culture going, and how we have adapted so far to this new normal.

To conclude this piece, I want to use a list a colleague sent to me when preparing this article, which I think is at the core of all of this, and represents our values pretty well:

– Positive attitude above all

– Collaborative culture

– Each team member knows they are of vital importance to the company

– Transparency in everything, especially in communication

– Open communication between learders and employees, always.

– It’s okay to have bad days.