Millenials: The future of Gender Equality in México

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While Gender Equality is a subject worldwide, from one country to another we can see differences in how it is dealth with, and in the progress that have been made.

Talking on the subject with some of our colleagues in the company, the conclusion we came too is that the real change that has been seen in México so far has been since the entrance of millenials in the workplace, but especially in the last years in positions of power.

Gender inequality comes from a place of said traditions and culture. And it is most difficult to bring people who have been raised and who grew in these “traditions”, or habits to see a different path and possiblities.

In México 3 out of 4 working-age women do not work, and 60% of the working women have only access to informal jobs, with high insecurity, little social protection and low pay.

And unfortunately the pandemic hasn’t helped. In fact, there has been a set back linked to the home office situations. Studies show that while men will have a closed space to work at home, women have to use a shared space, usually with their children, which they need to tend to while working.

Once again education, house chores and cooking is falling under what is considered a woman’s duties, without considering that the family responsability needs to be shared, thus giving the opportunity to women to grow professionally and have an equal share in the society.

Why do we think the Millenials are the future of Gender Equality? Well from our experience and what we’ve seen they tend to be more open-minded and see the workplace as a more flexible entity than the previous generation. The millenials have been born with the beginning of globalization, the access to internet from a young age, and of easy travel. As new generation goes they look at the previous one with new eyes, and see the consequences of their actions, striving to be better and change the world.

Nowadays, more and more millenials are accessing management positions, they are becoming entrepreneurs, are taking over the family’s company, and as HR experts, we can see the difference, in the approach to recruitment, to what the company need. It’s soft skills over technical expertise, and the background doesn’t matter as much as it use to.

We have a long way to go, and each day is an opportunity to educate, help, and walk toward a more inclusive world, who leaves space for each individual to grow regardless of their genders, beliefs, sexual orientation or the color of their skin. Let’s take a step forward and walk toward a more equal world.